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Finanzas y Economía

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The Economy

Recession (Recesión)

Recession is a slowdown or a massive contraction in economic activities. A significant fall in spending generally leads to a recession.

Shares (Acciones)

A unit of ownership that represents an equal proportion of a company’s capital.

Debt (Deuda)

Any  money owed to an  individual,  company,  or  other  organization. 

Stock Market (La Bolsa)

It is a place where shares of public listed companies are traded. The primary market is where companies float shares to the general public in an initial public offering (IPO) to raise capital.


Forecast (Prónostico)

Economic forecasting is the process of attempting to predict the future condition of the economy using a combination of important and widely followed indicators.


Practice the keywords


Think about these questions and write them in your Power English Business Exercise Book​.


  1. Name some reasons how people get debt.
  2. Forecast plays a prominent role in the success of a business. How?