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General Concepts II

Appointment – Cita

I have a doctor´s appointment at 13:30
Tengo una cita con el doctor a las 13:30

My doctor´s appointment was cancelled
Mi cita con el doctor fue cancelada

Painkiller – Analgesicos

You can take two painkillers every four hours
Tu puedes tomar 2 analgesicos cada 4 horas

You can find painkillers at the drugstore
Tu puedes encontrar analgésicos en la farmacia

Wound – Herida

That wound doesn’t look good
Esa herida no se ve bien

Your wound has not healed
Tu herida no ha sanado

Prescription – Receta\To prescribe – Recetar

The doctor gave me a prescription
El doctor me dio una receta

The doctor prescribed me a syrup
El doctor me prescribió un jarabe

Runny nose – Romadizo

I have had a runny nose since yesterday
He tenido romadizo desde ayer

Having a runny nose can be a symptom of allergy
Tener romadizo puede ser un síntoma de alergia

Physian – Doctor no cirujano

The physician told me that all my exams were good
El doctor me dijo que todos mis examenes estan buenos

He is a good physician, He has a lot of experience
El es un buen doctor, el tiene mucha experiencia