· septiembre 2, 2020

This english course is great for intermediate, upper intermediate and advanced students. The main focus of these business english lessons is for you to improve your ability to express yourself in a business environment. 

You are going to learn everything about:

Products, Price, Promotion, Place

Describe everything about how a product is marketed.

Marketing Mediums

Talk about what marketing medium is more effective for certain purposes. 

  • Newspaper/Magazines
  • Billboards
  • Mobile Ads
  • Flyers
  • Free Samples

Marketing Strategies

Describe what marketing strategy would be better in certain ocassions. 

  • Sales
  • Net Profit
  • Gross Profit
  • Market Share

Charging and Collecting

Learn keywords to describe the process of charging and collecting from providers and customers. What fees are involved and how payments are made.

  • Charge
  • Invoice
  • Bill
  • Payment
  • Collect
  • Fees
  • Cut Prices
  • Delivery Date
  • Estimate
  • Lump Sum
  • Installments
  • Udercut prices

Successful Business

Talk about what makes a business successful with these power keywords. 

  • Underperform 
  • Underrate
  • Undercharge
  • Overspend
  • Overestimate
  • Mismanage
  • misjudge
  • Miscalculate
  • Outbid
  • Outclass

Qualities and Structure

Express the qualities of your company and what your opinion is on it’s structure. 

  • Bureaucratic
  • Caring
  • Centralised
  • Conservative
  • Hierarchical

Perks and Benefits

Describe what kind of benefits you have and ideal perks that you would like to have with your company.

  • Benefits
  • Perks
  • Working Environment
  • Dress Code
  • Workplace

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