We are looking for outstanding, creative and energetic teachers!

The majority of the classes are automated through the platform so you can focus on making the students speak the entire class and have amazing conversations/ lessons. 

English teaching focused on automating what students think from spanish to english

Yes, it's different from the standard way of teaching, but we are having great results with each student making them reach their goals in 6 months or less. 

How It Works

The platform teaches the student the grammar so you, the outstanding teacher, makes them talk about the topic as well as have a high degree of conversational freedom. 

Student and Platform Interaction

They log in, read the quick lesson, play with the grammar.

Student and Teacher Interaction

They enter the class knowing the respective topic so you can focus on making them speak and write.


They all get access to an app called fluentu that has a library of more than 3,000 videos for them to listen to.

The Classes

1 or 2 times a week

Very rarely people want the hardcore program and want it everyday.

90 minute classes

Very rarely they want it to be 60 mins but they do exist and we will tell you beforehand.

3 or 6 months

The classes are usually 3 or 6 months but they often go to 9 months in many cases.


Each month has 4-5 weeks so your classes will vary from time to time.

This is why we pay at the end of the month once we corroborate the hours that you taught.

The payments are done via bank transfer in CLP. 

We pay $14.000 an hour. 


Be part of the team

We care about experience but we care more about your awesomeness, energy and extrovertness. Please add your available hours as well.