Case Study 2 - Power English
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Case Study 2

Business Culture Briefing

A group of managers is attending an informal briefing about the business culture of your country.

You work for a communications company, which prepares business people who are visiting your country for the first time. A group of top managers will shortly be visiting your country to decide on the location of a foreign affiliate . During their visit, the managers will attend meetings with business people. They also plan to do some social visits, know the local cuisine, nature excursions and important tourist spots. You will make an informal business culture briefing for the group, informing them about aspects of business culture in your country and answering their questions about the local culture.



  • How do men and women dress in business?
  • Is casual dress permitted in business meetings?
  • How do people dress on social occasions, e.g. at an informal dinner?


  • Do people like a lot of personal space?
  • Do they usually stand close or far away from another person when talking to colleagues?
  • Do staff use first or family names when addressing each other?


  • Do business people prefer to entertain guests at home or in a restaurant?
  • What advice can you give about gifts?
  • What are good/bad topics of conversation?

Business Practice

  • Do you have to make appointments well in advance?
  • What are the usual business hours?
  • What is the usual time for a business lunch? How long does it last?


  • How important is punctuality in your culture? Is it OK to be late for a meeting?
  • Is a person’s status important in meetings? Does the most senior person always lead a meeting?
  • Is decision-making slow or fast in business?