Case Study 3 - Power English
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Case Study 3

Looking for a new Job

A Chilean restaurants chain needs to find a new manager in USA. Choosing the right person is essential for the success of the business


Amancay owns and operates a restaurants chains in Chile. Two years ago, the company decided to enter the North American Market, began by opening a restaurant in San Francisco (California, USA). The main goal of Amancay is spread the Chilean cuisine in foreign lands, also showing the local music, Chilean local products (wines, beers, handicrafts). The restaurant is to located in a multicultural neighborhood with an active commerce, with high proportion of young people, bookstores, coffee shops, bars, restaurants and offices.

The Performance of the restaurant hasn’t been as expected, hasn’t attracted enough public and the sales have been lower than expected. For this reason, Amancay has started the search of a new General Manager, his/her main task will be to boost the sales, insert the Chilean brand in local commerce, and increase profits


You take the place of a General Manager, who wants to apply for the job offer. For this, you must do the following:

  1. Send your Resume with the followings information: Personal data, Education, Experience, Outstanding achievement, skills, Personality/appearance, Comments, Personal interests
  2. Send a interest letter, explaining yours motivations for the  position
  3. Once the data is received, you will have an interview with the teacher, who will assume the role as Company Director


General Manager required for our restaurant located in San Francisco (California, USA)

  • Salary negotiable
  • Excellent benefits package

The job

  •  Leading, coordinating and motivating staff
  • Increasing the revenue and profits
  • Exploiting new business opportunities
  • Contributing to marketing plans and strategies

The person

  • Dynamic, enthusiastic, flexible
  • A strong Interest in sales and gastronomy
  • A good track record in previous jobs
  • The ability to work with people from different
    cultural backgrounds
  • Outstanding communication and
    Interpersonal skills
  • A flair for new ideas and organizational skills
  • High level of English and Spanish language