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Once you have closed the sale, your job is not done. The follow-up stage keeps you in contact with customers you have closed, not only for potential repeat business but for referrals as well. And since retaining current customers is six to seven times less costly than acquiring new ones, maintaining relationships is key.

Stay in touch

Next, keep in mind the phrase “recency and frequency.” This basically refers to the fact that people buy when they’re ready to complete a purchase and want to satisfy a need or a want, rather than when businesses want to sell to them.

When consumers are ready to spend money, they will typically choose the company that is on the top of their mind; this usually means the business which has been in contact with them most recently, or that one that stays in touch most frequently.

To be the first business a customer thinks of when they’re ready to purchase, you need to follow up regularly and religiously. Consistency is key here, and generally relies on having systems in place, as well as educating inquirers on your products and services more and more over time.