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Sales enquiry handling functionality

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Sales team should be customer driven and provide a timely response to any customer’s request. All  guest  inquiries should be answered within the same day of receipt. If the requested information is not available within this time, the  inquiry  will be acknowledged giving date when full information will be sent back to the customer. Two important elements in sales inquiry are

  • margin control
  • quotation

Margin Control

Margin control is based on

  • cost price
  • standard sales price/ retail price.

The system verifies if the price quoted is as per allowable margin. Allowable margin may be configured to vary from user to user, whereby a user with higher level of authorization may confirm a transaction which was disallowed by the system for a user with lower level of authorization.


Quotation is made in response to enquiry from a customer. Quotation may be created for a standard or customized item. Price and discount amount for each item of the quotation may be obtained automatically from price book.

If the quotation is successful, it is processed for generation of sales order. If the quotation is unsuccessful, the reason of failure and name of successful vendor are recorded in the system for future reference.


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Sales Enquiry Handling Functionality

  1. What is the role of margin control and quotation in sales? Why is it so important? What are some problems that you can have if you don’t do this correctly?