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Handling objections

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Perhaps the most underrated of the seven steps of a sales process is handling objections.This is where you listen to your prospect’s concerns and address them. It’s also where many unsuccessful salespeople drop out of the process.

Successfully handling objections and alleviating concerns separates good salespeople from bad and great from good.

How to Handle Objections in the Sales Process

Show Empathy

Being empathetic is the easiest step when you handle objections. You do not argue, disagree or tell the client they are wrong. All you do is listen and understand with a caring ear and heart.


To understand the customers, you need to ask questions. This means you need the customer to talk so you can discover the underline reasons they are saying, NO.

Deliver Resolutions

Solutions help overcome objections. Sell the value of the products or services will provide our prospects. Explain the feature, benefits and advantages the customer has with this product.

Your customer wants to buy benefits not just features. They want solutions.

After you have explained the benefits ask if that is important to the customer. This can become a Hot Button, or point of focus when you move through the sales process.

You can help the customer understand the solution better by explaining it in easy to grasp terms. Many sale professions still use the, Feel, Felt, Found method. The Feel, Felt, Found method to help the customer feel comfortable and when you can use a testimonial with this method it helps close more sales.


Think about these questions and write them in your Power English Business Exercise Book​

Handling objections

  1. Which strategy you consider more appropriate for handling objections in sales and why ?